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Our investment research platform provides an affordable subscription unlike any other! 

Scroll below to see our offerings: $10 Basic Newsletter, $25 Silver Subscription, $50 Excel Valuation Models, full 4-week valuation course with Leverage Academy, or company brainstorming sessions with one of our instructors.

The Basic $10 / month subscription includes one deep-dive macro or special situations equity piece per month that incudes detailed investment analysis.

The Silver $25 / month subscription includes financial models for companies in our coverage universe and multiple macro and single name pieces per month.

Our team has put together EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND, institutional quality research for retail investors and asset managers looking for unique ideas.

We also provide online classes through a partnership with Leverage Academy, LLC that teach financial modeling and analysis for those new to the industry and hold informative bootcamp events.

Legal Research and Writing


We believe that great investment research should be accessible to everyone. At Special Situations Investing Research, we’ve assembled a team of top-tier former investment professionals to provide a comprehensive monthly newsletter at a very affordable price. 

Our team does in depth analysis on each monthly piece, screening for unique research ideas through our proprietary Value Engine software. Our analysts reach out to company management teams directly and sift through years of public filings, earnings transcripts, and data before arriving at conclusions. They perform detailed intrinsic valuations and comparable company analyses on every business they evaluate.