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Pro Financial Modeling Live Course

Pro Financial Modeling Live Course

An in depth investment modeling course that goes over Equity Modelling and Valuation (DCF, SOTP), Comparable Company Analysis, Merger Modeling, LBO modeling, and Restructuring Analysis.


A detailed syllabus can be requested from


At a high level, this course explains the differences between the “buy sideand the “sell side,” between private equity, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds - & - investment banks, brokerages, and equity research firms. The class explains equity investment analysis and valuation. It also explains the importance of lenders and leverage, focusing on different classes on leverage such as revolvers, senior bank debt (1st & 2nd lien), leveraged loans, investment grade bonds, high yield bonds, mezzanine financing, convertibles, and securitizations. Students will thus have the opportunity to delve into the capital structure of a company in depth and understand how management decisions vary under different levels of financial stress. 


This course identifies and explains major valuation methods used on Wall Street, including Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Accretion Dilution, Merger Modeling, Leveraged Buyout Modeling, Liquidation Modeling, Recovery Analysis, Common Stock Comparisons, Credit comparables, Market Comparables, and Precedent Transactions. 

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